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CD | Mixed Genre
This is just my usual mix with which I keep track of my most excessively listened to tracks of the previous month (October edition), so apologies for the fact that there's some overlap with previous mi …
CD | Theme
"Exclamation points, gestures of authority with which the writer tries to impose an emphasis external to the matter itself, have become intolerable, while the sforzato, the musical counterpart of the e …
CD | Single Artist
From the vaults: I made this mix last year for Jean-Yves1 in order to help him improve his German, but was too stupid to keep a copy of either the mix or the tracklist for myself. With autumn (and ther …
CD | Single Artist
I need this mix to help me through until the new Norfolk & Western album finally sees its vinyl release at some point next month. While I have heard and am pretty fond of a few of the new songs, I thou …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix I threw together last night after correctly tracing back my recent lethargy to the fact that I had neglected to listen to the song "Doobie" by Kinderzimmer Productions on a regular basis  …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
This is a mix I made for my friend Maria, who once again eliminated all doubts about the fact that she is the coolest person ever by sending me a bunch of chestnuts in the mail last week. (Yes, there i …
CD | Theme - Narrative
This is an odd little mix I made last week while having the song "B.S. Johnson" by the Pernice Brothers on heavy rotation and consequently re-reading the book "Christie Malry's Own Double Entry" by B.S …
CD | Mixed Genre
At some point early this year, I started making monthly mixes of the songs I'd been listening to and enjoying the most during the previous month. Some of it is revisited old favourites, but the vast ma …
CD | Single Artist
And since I just uploaded a new single artist mix, here's another one I made not too long ago: a Replacements mix I made for a friend as a cop-out to his question which album of theirs he should check  …