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CD | Theme - Road Trip
Second volume available here:
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Nostalgia for a time long departed, when the sun shone, the phrase "job security" wasn't an oxymoron and a pound could get you 2 dollars: August 2008. Last year, for the family holiday we flew into (an …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
My first post since back in May save for a contribution to Avocadorabbit's Xmas project. Basically it's a compilation of new discoveries (songs & artists) that have kept my spirits up in what has been  …
CD | Single Artist
He might not have been as prolific as, say, Dylan, Newman or Mitchell, but when it comes to quality of output, Tim Hardin is up there with the very best writers of the 60s. Loads of songs get covered,  …
CD | Pop
Maybe it's a seasonal thing. Whatever the reason, the onset of spring has triggered a change in my listening habits -the winter diet of heavy prog being replaced by the frothier sounds of harmony / sun …
CD | Theme
Americans take vacations; Brits have holidays. Instead of boardwalks, chilli dogs & surfing, we have to make do with rusting Victorian piers, jellied eels & donkey rides. Vacations are glamourous, holi …
CD | Theme
As it's St Patrick's day, an all- Irish line-up. I've tried to avoid Riverdance-type fiddle-a-diddle clichTs (so, sadly, no Chieftains whom I revere) and most of the obvious big names (so, gladly, no U …
CD | Mixed Genre
I was mildly surprised to discover that no-one's yet posted anything by Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, creators of my favourite album of 2007: "The Bairns". So here's a mix setting matters right, toge …
CD | Theme
A gathering of personal favourites from the point when psychedelia started to morph into prog. Available here:
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