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The roots of my favourite band of all time -Hatfield And the North: a perfect balance of pop tunefulness, jazzy virtuosity, prog structure, and a folky sense of geographical place underpinned by an ana …
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Putting together the Tea With Mr Blackwell mix, I couldn't help noticing how many of the tracks I was planning to include had flutes tootling away in them. (And actually, a case could be made for regar …
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The first record I bought with my own money was the Island Records compilation "Bumpers" .Ever since, the label has occupied a very special place in my affections. The last coupla months I've been doin …
CD | Mixed Genre
Once again, circumstances have conspired to keep away from these shores for the past 6 or so months. Haven't stopped my listening tho'. Lately been exploring some of the outer fringes of Wyrd Folk, Dee …
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Egypt. The first great civilisation and a screen on which apparently anyone can project their dreams & desires. For us Brits, it was one of the jewels of empire and the site of one our greatest naval v …
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Had you dropped round chez plushpig the last month, chances are you would have heard these (among others).... Download
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A compendium of recent acquisitions, rediscoveries & things which have caught my fancy of late. check it out here:
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Inspired by Barrydali's superb Weekend Punk mix, I dug out this C90 I made around the same time as his(summer 92). It was put together for a trip to Australia, when I was visiting a couple of friends w …
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Towards the end of Michael Moorcock's novel "The Condition Of Muzak", his hero, Jerry Cornelius, returns to his native Ladbroke Grove in London and has a chance to play out his rock star fantasies at a …
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