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CD | Mixed Genre
Just a buncha stuff I've been grooving to this past week when not ripping things for my Pleasures Of Plastic project. The curious can download it
CD | Mixed Genre
Part 2 of the alphabetical odyssey -finishing off the Bs. Available here:
CD | Mixed Genre
I've found myself with a bit of unanticipated time on my hands so what better way to fill it than ripping some vinyl favourites that haven't yet made it onto my mp3 player? And as said procedure involv …
CD | Pop
One of the post-punk developments overlooked by Simon Reynolds in his "Rip It Up & Start Again": the early 80's ersatz psychedelic revival. Sure it was ultimately a dead-end but it was fun and added a  …
CD | Theme
Songs concerning those unacknowleged exemplars of the free-enterprise system....... here's the link
CD | Singer/Songwriter
Still spending a lot of time hanging round the late 60's / early 70's. There was a feature on a TV arts show the other night covering the "twisted folk" movement in general & Circulus in particular. It …
CD | Pop
Yet more pure & unashamed pop joy from the late 60's early 70's. This time it's all American. Ooh Child makes it's third appearance in as many months. I admit it, I'm a bit obsessed by this song. In ad …
CD | Theme
A kind of flip side to my Prog mix. At the same time that my mates & I were pondering the perceived profundities of Pete Sinfield's lyrics & debating whether the moog or the melotron represented the fu …
CD | Theme
Much as I'd like to score credibility points by claiming my early teens were spent moonstomping to Trojan or shooting up to the Velvets & Stooges, the truth of the matter is that for a good proportion  …
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