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CD | Mixed Genre
To kick-off the new year & slough off the post Xmas torpor, another free-association mix. I originally intended to start with track 2 & knew I wanted to finish with 16 & 17 together so it was just a ma …
CD | Theme
An hoursworth of pounding, uninflected ostinato drumbeats as pioneered & perfected by the the Velvet's one & only Mo. If anyone wants to listen, drop me an e-mail & I'll put it on yousendit (ps as is m …
CD | Theme
Just discovered this one from a couple of years ago. As I recall, slipperyhangdoglook & I were discussing a food'n' drink mix. This what I brought to the party.
CD | Mixed Genre
OK, here's the scoop: The house is in chaos at the moment with vinyl haphazardly piled all over the place. Obviously no chance of tracking down specific tracks. So I set myself a challenge: select any  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Tho' circumstances have conspired to keep me away me from these parts for the past coupla months, they haven't proved nearly strong enough to put a crimp my charity-shop vinyl-truffling habit. Here's a …
CD | Theme
Lists, catalogues, gazetteers; where would pop's lyrical lexicon be without them? They cross genres & time scales with impunity (tho' for some reason there came a cluster at the end of the 80's/ start  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A buncha tunes I've recently been digging , discovering & re discovering in the listening hours when I wasn't thinking about my next AOTM contribution. So if you like, a mix about stuff that wasn't sup …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Due to ignorance, the first time I heard the Dawn Penn cut, I didn't suspect it was anything other than an original. It wasn't until I got my mitts on Kaleidoscope's Beacon From Mars album that the tum …
CD | Theme
Put together as a "thank you" to the great Jenergy after recieving her superlative "Old Man Watches...." mix. You're a good man, sister.
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