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There was a programme about the summer of 67 on the TV a couple of weeks back. Predictably, when the topic turned to the Monkees, they received a unanimous badmouthing -the commercial darkside to the g …
CD | Theme
Something odd happens when weBrits get mixed up with hallucinogenics: we invariably regress back to infancy. Think of the Victorians, launching on a tide of laudanum all those novels and poems featurin …
CD | Mixed Genre
A combination of circumstances has kept me away from the site for the past month or so. To ease myself back in, Here's one of those improvisational mixes:I started with the Gene Clark track, daisy-chai …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
Not content with being the best electric guitarist in history, Jimi was also a truly great writer. His songs are solid enough too bear interpretation in a multiplicity of styles. Track 9 is the Mission …
CD | Theme
Going thru' a bit of a proggy period at the mo. & I put this together for late night / early morning listening. I've already used the Dead track on an earlier tape of similar kidney but it seemed to mi …
CD | Pop
Finally got round to this, a lot later than intended. Plenty of twang, a handful of R'n'B / soul stylings and the inevitable Beatles covers. But as far as I'm concerned, the best thing about this is th …
CD | Single Artist
I've long been of the opinion that had "Their Satanic Majersties" been released under any name other than The Rolling Stones, it'd be acknowleged as a Summer of Love masterpiece. But it wasn't and is n …
CD | Theme
As it's the annual Hollywood self-congratulation / mutual back-slapping fest tomorrow, I thought this might be an appropriate time for a gander at the vinyl / celluloid interface. After an instrumental …
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
The Louie Louie of TV theme tunes given a variety of workings over: from surf to prog, psychobilly to vocal harmony & the Monkees goofin' about in the studio. So slink off down to Mothers, call up some …
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