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CD | Pop
when i get me that purdy george foreman portagrill (with cherry-red plastic i-Mac styled bun warmer flip top, yeah!) i'm gonna have a wild BBQ-orgy and play this mix!! spicy and succulent, man. *burp*
Cassette | Mixed Genre
good god, this is why we make mixes, people. i want to be spun around. i want to be confused. i want to be consumed with eclecticism. take me away. and props for the utterly fantastic t-heads tune, too, man.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i can only fathom how good this one must sound...a painstaking attention to sequence, fantastic atmospherics and a smart mix of artists. "no compassion" is a long-time favorite, by the way, taking me back to my teen-age talking heads obsession...well done, indeed.
by spoon
Cassette | Theme
a skilled blend...this idea for a theme series is pretty inspired and you've pulled it off masterfully, thus far. can't wait to see future installments...would it be too forthright to request a cindy sherman or a nan goldin mix?
by Royce
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i want to sink into this sticky mix of sweetness and never come up for air.
by Royce
Cassette | Mixed Genre
dizzying in its brilliance and flavor. can i somehow have this piped into my head so that i'm accompanied by it every single second? please??
Cassette | Mixed Genre
god, this one really is stunning. i loved slampt, tracked down as much as i could on it, and was no more. the missy x track on here is utterly sublime.
Cassette | Pop
so many classics on here that too few so-called-historians probably remain blissfully ignorant time i have a party, you're manning the hi-fi, falstaff. bring the noise, indeed.
Cassette | Pop
ah, youth...i thank god every day (i think his name's alan mcgee or something like that, i don't know) that i grew up listening to this stuff instead of the sonic swill my classmates were indulging in. (indie collector scum atttitude alert! indie collector scum attitude alert!!) isn't "madonna of the wasps" totally swoonsome??