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CD | Mixed Genre
Much as I enjoy 'Theme' mixes, I'm much happier making mixes where anything goes, and these particular ones get more plays on the stereo/car CD player/i-pod etc Here's one of the latter, simply a colle …
CD | Theme
It's a particularly cold Novembers day today, so happily for me I'm posting this mix which I finished a couple of nights ago. The perfect antidote to the impending winter blues - A mix of Sunny Brazili …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I've always been an admirer of RetroJoe's obsession with chart positions, on both sides of the pond, and his dedication to the cause. A few weeks ago I approached him with the idea of doing an alternat …
CD | Mixed Genre
A follow up to the very well received Little Gems mix I posted just under 6 months ago. Another collection of forgotten 60s rarities, oddities and obscurities.. Plenty of pops and crackles, and unsurpr …
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, Summer's Gone. Actually, come to think of it Summer never arrived on thses shores. It's freezing cold outside but I'm happy 'cos I've finally finished this mix I started a few weeks ago, listened …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A Double CD set, and pretty self explanatory.. Here's a hypothetical situation for you all. You're about to be dumped on a desert island for, say, 3 years. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of Food & Dri …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix containing some the best tunes in my head at the moment.. I've tried many a time to fit that opener onto a mix, each time to no avail, so I decided to start this mix with it, and see where it led …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix that does exactly what it says on the tin. This was actually made about 2 months ago, during myself & Ion's brief but enjoyable Dalliance, and sent off to him ; the mix is all mine! I didn't post …
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