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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
The most recent in my relatively unthemed mixes of the month.
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Mostly just songs that remind me of December, and Decembers past. Some old stuff I hadn't listened to in a while. I don't know. Rather varied. Varied and nostalgic.
CD | Theme
a mix for my best friend, who frequently travels to california. i rather like it, it's slightly scattered, but what can you do?
CD | Mixed Genre
Just something nice to listen to in the car. Slight departure from where I've been lately, though most of these are old favorites.
CD | Mixed Genre
For the trip to a wedding. Heavy on the NMH.
CD | Mixed Genre
I spent forever trying to find songs for this mix. I listen to an extremely large amount of acoustic, depressing, moments-before-death music. Or so I have determined. So these are the songs that remind …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
I am quite aware that many of these songs keep showing up on all of my mixes of late, but this is somewhat of a grouping before I move on to entirely new material. For a friend, as a sort of introducti …
CD | Mixed Genre
For the person I love most in the entire world.
CD | Mixed Genre
The last mix I received.