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MP3 Playlist | Theme
this is the current summer playlist repeating on my ipod. this tends toward loveydovey (i should just make a copy for my boyfriend!) because that's what i tend toward. it is also not full of trendy new …
CD | Theme - Romantic
for my boyfriend on valentine's day. this is a mix of bands i know he likes and bands i hope he'll like, but all the songs say something that i mean. this was hard to make because there are a million o …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
january 2004; i made this for a friend's birthday. i took the title from the geoff farina song, although the other day i realized i fucked it up because the lyric is "hey girl, there's nothing that i'd …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
march 2003; for my friend josh. he got me a record. this tape is geeky. i don't know the name of the trans megetti song (even though they say "this song is called ________" at the beginning!) but it is …
CD | Mixed Genre
feb. 2003; i made this for a friend who likes a lot of electronic- and dance-type music, as a kind of intro to what i like, i suppose. i don't know what he'll think of it, but i gave it a good try. "ic …
CD | Theme - Depression
january 2003; a few mornings ago i woke up with the distinct feeling that my ribcage was going to cave in completely. uhh, this didn't really make me feel any better, but if i ever get that feeling aga …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
november 2002; i made this tape for myself. if someone else had made it and given it to me, i would fall in love with that person, no kidding. maybe someday when i meet a boy who is adequately non-jerk …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
november 2002, for josh; a weird amalgamation of just a bunch of songs i really like at the moment. when i listened to the tape he traded me for this, i felt horrible and inadequate. but he said he rea …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
oct. 28, 2000 -- for a girl friend of mine. for a change of pace, i didn't plan this one out beforehand, just thought of the next song as i was taping each one. that's always fun. i can't resist that p …
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