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For my birthday, my ex boyfriend got me an i tunes gift card, fully supporting my addiction to music. :) This is just a selection of what I bought with it, focused on dance/hip hop songs and mostly new …
CD | Theme - Break Up
So a year after a particularly confusing break-up, I present "Minus Heart". The title refers to his use of "heart" in signing things to me, and how we broke up because our hearts weren't in it anymore. …
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In honor of Mother's Day, and my mom, I present volume two of my parental tribute mixes. These are all songs my mom would play all the time while I was growing up. The songs that would make her want to …

soalive's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme - Romantic
a mix i intend to burn to cd when I get the time :)
CD | Theme - Romantic
yet another mix I intend to burn

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