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CD | Mixed Genre
this mix is super spastic but i'm avoiding my-due-all-too soon paper like the plague (the bubonic plague, hehe) and i need a new walking to class mix so it has served its purpose. the transitions on th …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix to distract me from doing my senior project. hmm...mix tapes or graduate? title comes from "hangin' round"
Cassette | Theme
alright, this is my second time posting this particular mix because i was trying to fix an error in the last one and i think i screwed up the system. anyways, this is the second volume in my "bands tha …
CD | Theme
i actually had a lot more trouble with this mix than i thought i would. i tend to have a prejudice against songs about superman because they tend to suck (five for fighting? gag.) but laurie anderson a …
Cassette | Theme
i'm currently directing tennessee williams' "summer and smoke" and i had to come up with a preview concept to advertise the show. because of the nature of the show, it is hard to just show one scene wi …
CD | Theme
did you know that there are a lot of bands with animals in their names? i didn't. this was only a 74 minutes cd because my burner's old school but i could have gone on forever...or at least another six …
CD | Theme
pretty self explanatory mix. why a water mix you ask? well, as evidenced by my previous mix (see i'm really hungry but too lazy to get food so i'm making a mix instead), i'm a very lazy person. i was r …
CD | Theme
this was supposed to be an unthemed mix until i noticed that all of my song choices were only one word. it then morphed into a one word song title mix. the last few were added on right before i burned  …
CD | Theme
umm...kind of self explanatory. contemplating a follow up mix with answers to all of these questions. what do you guys think?
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