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a mix consisting only of title tracks. i could have done more but then i noticed that this is not a very challenging theme and bailed...and yes, i know that album is actually called the rise and fall o …
CD | Theme
this started out as a funeral mix but i got bored so i kind of retooled it a tad. that's why metallica leads into joy division (i'm sorry ian curtis! it's just "fade to black" is a pretty awesome song  …
CD | Mixed Genre
this mix was inspired by the fact that i spent four hours cleaning my room today for the sole purpose of finding my best of t. rex album. my mom is mad because she's been asking me to do it for years b …
CD | Theme
i so desperately wanted to add a minor threat song to this mix but i decided that the irony would end up making this mix explode into a million tiny pieces (plus, chances are i'd get yelled at by some  …
CD | Theme
this mix should actually be subtitled "molly sucks at transitions between songs"
CD | Mixed Genre
this is a mix to describe friends of mine in one way or another. i did not include anyone's theme song (yes, my friends have theme songs) but my own because i thought that would be copping out ("molly' …
CD | Theme
this is a mix of songs that i feel have a rather haunting effect. i noticed in a lot of these songs that (particularly the ryan adams and jeff buckley songs) there is a sigh in the vocal track and i th …
CD | Theme
i would have put this under the road trip category but it isn't really a road trip mix. if you haven't already guessed, each song contains the name of a place in either the band name or the song title. …
CD | Mixed Genre
i'm supposed to be studying for my latin final but i'm not. i'm kind of upset with myself because i've been making themed mixes for so long that it was especially difficult for me to make this non-them …