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Cassette | Mixed Genre
i snaged the title of tis cassette from belle and sebastian's "piazza new your catcher". arron says "it's a great song that comes just as you were getting used to unabashed excess...just another twsit  …
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
i've had three ipods since they've been out. i've had three ipods that no longer work. i resorted to my trusty walkmen to listen to good music. since i've discovered this site, i've made about 8 mixtap …
Cassette | Theme
this mix tape doesn't have a theme. the only theme i can place with it is that i listen to this mix tape the most when i'm riding my bicycle to work. i just really really like all of these songs, and t …

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Cassette | Theme
i made this. and i don't know how to find it if i don't save it to favs.
CD | Theme
i really like the "young folks song." i'm in love with victoria bergsman. her voice is sooooo good!

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