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A follow-up of sorts to an older mix of mine, we are all dying of consumption (the city sins). It came out a bit more conceptually scattershot than I'd expected, but I'm pretty pleased with the set and …
CD | Theme
Made at the request of a fri3nd of mine, who's in medias res of the craptastic early weeks of me …
CD | Mixed Genre
A "for the hell of it" mix for Rob Conroy. I still owe him a larger and more involved project that's proved extremely slow to pull together, and while he's too much of a gentlemen to complain, I wanted …
CD | Mixed Genre
So, a couple months back I arranged a trade with one Mr. Rob Conroy. Those of you not living under a rock for the month of March likely saw the unbelievable 5-disc set that was his end of the bargain ( …
CD | Mixed Genre
Title slightly amended from the Spoon track, but the instigator for this mix was easily the Mountain Goats' fantastic "Autoclave." I'm recently out of a nearly four-year relationship (details can be in …
CD | Theme
Subtitled, removed for giving away the punchline: "songs about places, songs about faith." A mix made as a combination "birthday/welcome to town/glad to have met you" gift. Of course, the track-listing …
CD | Mixed Genre
Mix made for a girl I met recently and don't know very well yet. It's kind of an odd bundle of moods and intentions, which captures the situation pretty well, I think. Overly long title from the Spoon  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A New Year's Eve mix, thrown together just prior to heading out for the night's festivities. Happy end of 2007, everyone -- if this year treated you well, may the next continue the trend; if it didn't, …
CD | Mixed Genre
My first quarter of graduate school ended, relationship turmoil arrived like a two-by-four to the back of the head, and I needed a collection of songs that were timely without being depressing. If you  …
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