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CD | Dance - House
The sheer amount of good music pouring out of paris is just rediculous. Our Gallic brethren are currently cream of the crop in terms of the progression of dance music. Their House sound (or to be accur …
CD | Electronic
I've tried to follow up the first mix with something similar without being a carbon copy of the last one. The idea is simple. Any type of music that can be classified as having an electronic (aka - not …
CD | Dance - House
There isn't enough electronic and dance music here at aotm. So i'm going to try and re-address the balance towards an appriciation of all different types of synthicised musics. For the most part this i …

technosnob's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Dance - Techno
I love the fact the genres are secondary for mood for you in your mixes. Your mix into Goat Stare was beautiful.
CD | Experimental
This is quite possibly the most audacious tracklisting I've ever seen. Bravo good sir, bravo.

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