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Playlist | Country - Contemporary Country
After all the pain and cruelty... you find out what your value is to a guy. Why he wants you in his life. Does he think there's something special about you as a person, about your soul? Does he want to …
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
I'm distant? Well. Every time I fall, every time I hope, and every time I open my heart, I find out there's someone else, you miss what you had, you want to use me, or you want to hurt me. So why set m …
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
This mix was longer, but I shortened it. I don't have much to say if you're going to behave like a Neanderthal. The idea that you, my once-best friend, would even joke about physically hurting me, afte …

tin_apple's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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