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CD | Pop
His life, his loves, the neighbourhood and those within it. Go now.., safe voyage Dempster.
CD | Theme - Cover Songs
It's a "Trick Of The Ear"... The Dead Man once asked visitors to his website "What are your favorite cover versions of psychedelia?" (paraphrasing, gist intact). Since I came across the question I've b …
CD | Pop
....or, the Further Adventures of Borogrove P. Krunchenjangle... Oh, we were gone Kings of Oblivion We were so turned on In the Mind-Warp Pavilion.... (A big nod of thanks to jeb and that kilt-wearin'  …
CD | Pop
A bit more of what I'd originally intended the previous mix to be-Morose Equinox; my Muse had other plans though and so it took a little while longer for this one to shake out into something I'll liste …
CD | Theme
Happy Solstice ! I heard it from the valleys, I heard it ringing from the mountains... some of them were superstitious, sitting with their backs facing the orchard, all of them with mittens on waiting  …
CD | Pop
A round-up of things I've been listening to, a lot, lately. Round One..."Multum In Parvo" (Many thanks to Gerry, sr71,Johan...)
CD | Pop
dedicated to (and made for) sr71, "the Blackbird"....many thanks to lo-fi jr. for tracks 13 & 14, and to Curtis the Burns for # 15, gentleman: I salute. (Also, thanks to the internet.., Otherwise I may …
CD | Pop
....a mix for the theoretical "Fourth Drive"....Hail Voyagers! (Thanks to Ion Moe for the Brotherhood of Lizards track, a lot! Also, Joe Kane, of the Owsley Sunshine....Glasgow's newest psych'-popsters …
CD | Single Artist
The Psychedelic Psavant Pseries, V4: Radiant Fuzzbox Wigout! "It is without dispute that Plasticland was the 1980s' finest pop psych band, and one could argue for their position as the best pop psych o …
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