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CD | Theme - Depression
I made this Mix for my boyfriend- unofficially it was his birthday mix... but he and I both hate our birthdays so I gave it to him a month later:) I hate CDs that only have 70 mins... originally it als …
CD | Mixed Genre
I came back to visit the family for thansgiving and came across this mix my dad had made. I couldn't believe he was using some of my songs in the mix- I had to clean it up a bit and take out all the f …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is just a backupCD for myself since my stupid %$@@%@#$# computer won't burn cds right now! If you like it cool- IF you don't oh well- this really isn't for the masses to see
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Basically this mix could be summed up as any sort of situation where you are not ready. I thought of it as my mix for when I feel like I'm not ready to grow up yet- but it makes a great mix for when y …