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CD | Theme
life's little instruction book, abridged.
CD | Theme
songs for all the months of the year. title is that of a beulah song which isn't on my mix.
CD | Mixed Genre
the title says it all.
CD | Mixed Genre
for sara spelled without an 'h', who may now consider her musical horizons officially broadened.
CD | Mixed Genre
this was thrown together pretty quickly. it's a product of my mood. the title comes from the syd track.
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
for my lovely boyfriend, jim. a 2-CD mix for the round trip ride to my place. this oozes cheese, but not the variety served from a can. haven't yet decided if i should deliver it immediately or save it …
CD | Mixed Genre
this is my first submission, i don't quite know what i'm doing. my mix is a short story of sorts about a past relationship. i threw some curves in there, but i think it all goes together pretty well.