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Also: 31 Frosty Blue Christmas  HICKOIDS 32 I Deliver Toys (part 3/3)  DUCK'S BREATH MYSTERY THEATRE 33 (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)  HO-HO HOMER SIMPSON 34 Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix …
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An associate of mine does a yearly Halloween mix, a feat that I find stretches the boundaries of what's do-able on an annual basis (but- more power to him anyway). Nonetheless, this inspired me to loca …
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Also: 31 "Snowflakes" The Ventures 32 "... Maybe they're plums dipped in sugar ..."  *The Tick (animated series) 33 "The Night Before Christmas" Annette & Frankie 34 "Wonderful Christmastime" Paul …

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Man- oh man- I had no idea you was so fiesty Gwendolyne!!!!!!! Still waters run deep, eh? Blue ribbon! I hope this is your entry to the CDX- Daddy like!!!!!!
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Jaime has got it goin' on!
by brad32
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brad32s taste is deliciously trashy and prolific!

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