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CD | Pop
These songs all have a few key things in common... They all feature strong melodies, beautiful arrangements... and most of them never exactly shot up to the top of the charts. This is pure pop, not the …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix is for my sister, aged 15, who is constantly exposed to the shallow and vapid likes of Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, etc. as her feminine role models. As a woman, I wanted …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for thunderstorms, because the sound of rain on the windows always puts me in a contemplative, lonely depressed mood.
CD | Pop
This mix is based upon a comment my mother made to me about "the youth of today" being disrespectful and violent after our car was stolen. So I present songs of youth, rebellion, young love, getting hi …
CD | Theme - Romantic
For all those who are happy and in love... there's really no better feeling.
CD | Theme - Depression
This could be a break-up mix, or it could be a mix for if you're lonely or if you did the breaking up... just a collection of beautiful songs about wanting someone, having someone and ending up alone.  …
CD | Theme - Sleep
This is a mix I put together for my 3 month old baby sister. All of the songs are beautiful and soothing. Some of them also have sentimental value.