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CD | Mixed Genre
pretentious title, sorry. this is a mix for my english teacher because i am a big big dork.
CD | Mixed Genre
i couldn't log into aotm for a long long time. here is my first mix in quite awhile. and damn does it feel good.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A happy mix for a happy summer. Well, not entirely happy, but...very enjoyable. First side is before my trip to China&Japan. Second side are songs I listened to while in Japan. While in Harajuku I defi …
CD | Theme - Depression
School has started and there's enough work in it to make anyone depressed. It's also a generally melancholy time for some of my friends. And me. This little mix is a soundtrack for that...crying to...b …
CD | Mixed Genre
after a long long vacation in asia i'm back to make a mix. a very short one, but nonetheless a mix !
CD | Theme - Narrative
Hm. the chronicle of a boy named Josiah. he's also on art of the mix. maybe he might see this. rawr. Let's see. We "mutually broke up" today. I dated him last year and back then I listened to a lot of  …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix for myself on the plane to china. took forever to find songs to put on this disc... !
CD | Theme - Sleep
"Would it kill you to admit it, maybe treat her halfway decent? Because you know, she deserves it, and she's not gonna wait around for you forever..."
CD | Mixed Genre
i bought a package of those small 8cm cd-rs today. they're so cute, 24 minutes. after hours of frustration, i have concocted what appears to be the perfect mix...6 songs, totalling an exact 24 minutes.
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