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This mix was originally submitted to Zen Running Order on November 27, 2010. The original notes and/or comments are as follows... Darth Pazuzu (11-27-2010): Hello everybody! :) I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Wel …
A mix I made for our trip to my in laws on the night the world is supposed to end. Something for the drive towards the end of the night.
See mixes #1-5... & you'll know what to expect here ;-) Lots of ghoulish titles, goth/metal/alt bands mixed together that get played a little too often in October *insert evil laugh*. My favorite track …
This also started as remnants of a "Dead & Dying" theme mix (as did 2005's mix), but that got a little monotonous... so I tried mixing it up a little with some more Halloween theme titles. I like the p …
A mix of dark, ambient and mostly instrumental tracks I made - perfect for driving through empty roads late at night or wandering through the woods. Listen on Mixcloud:
Part 2 of 3; eclectic Jazz via Heiner Goebbel's 'Stifters Dinge'..inspired by Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter, whose description of the natural world have been admired by generations of writers (from  …
A mix I made for a party with co-workers.
I was invited to a dinner with some friends, and one of the persons invited had a birthday. This same person also had a relative (brother, I think) who worked in the pit crew of one of the racers in th …