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Cassette | Mixed Genre
What's that, you say? All of these songs are about liking somebody in that way? Well, I'll be. Next tape: I attempt not to include Beck or Catherine Wheel. Ha!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Made for my sister's boyfriend, now that we are in a proper band together. He made me a great tape, and was the one to indocrinate me into the world of both Fugazi and Pizzicato Five, so I decided to r …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A mix I made for Becky Sue, after we determined that we were both almost god-like in our mixing powers. Our offspring, should we have any, will likely be able to create high-fidelity audio simply by wa …

swifty1's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Mixed Genre
The addition of "How Many Licks" is what does it, really.

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