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CD | Theme - Romantic
esoteric comments? you be the judge. hehe. this is for the "HIM". i don't like the word boyfriend because it sounds so impersonal. "yea...i have to go do some laundry with el boyfriendo". no thanks. i' …
CD | Mixed Genre
my friend rhymes like a hong kong magnet champaigne lover and he used to make me hotttttttt rapppp tapes and we would trade. the last cd he made me had hot chili peppers? incubus? da …
CD | Mixed Genre
i told you i was on a i cant stop~ this is for this kid i promised to make one for. it was so hard because he has EVERYTHING. no joke. aaaaaaa. a record connoisseur. ithought  …

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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
simply beautiful/
Cassette | Mixed Genre
so original!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
simply irrestible.

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