DeLauder's Last Three Mixes Posted

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I'm putting copies of this in everyone's Christmas cards this year. It should have something for everyone on it. The worst part is Thindy Bwady thinging "Frothsty the Thsnowman". Why would you have a g …
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"make me something cool and send it to me," he said. he breaks my heart. i'm trying real hard not to love him. ani said it best (doesn't she always?) "it feels like reckless driving when we're talking, …
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See the original Waiting For Wednesday for explanation...I wasn't happy with the way that one worked out, and this one is for a boy...if I ever see him again. He was new to Wednesdays and he loved it,  …

DeLauder's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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Ahhh...memories! I love this!
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This is great!
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No words for this...I love it!

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