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Cassette | Single Artist
So somehow what started as a 3 tape/3 phase then to now career overview became a 7 tape megaproject. Not surprising given Mark's prodigious output and my abiding love for this band. This is "volume 1," …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Made for some car listening on a trip with my baby to a, um, bird sanctuary. That's right - love makes men do strange things. Anyway, just some songs I thought she would like. The gamelan track comes f …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Nothing special, just wanted to compile recent purchases along with a few ringers. Still, I quite like it.
Cassette | Theme
Happy Halloween everyone. Note: Q omitted because it's just not a scary enough letter.
Cassette | Theme
Ah, Autumn. My favorite season. Every year I find myself compelled to make a tape to accompany such traditional fall activities as walking around, wearing scarves and watching things change color and f …
Cassette | Theme
Another alphabet mix. This one is culled exclusively from 7" singles however. Well, almost exclusively - I had to bend the rules a bit to fit every letter, so I allowed myself to use compilations for t …
Cassette | Theme
Been going through a friend's stash of unlabeled alphabet mix tapes from an ex-boyf and trying to figure out the track-listings (damn difficult, as this guy had a pretty extensive collection). Got insp …
Cassette | Theme
The full title is "'The Journey from Upsalla to Budapest Begins' or The Department of Central, Northern and Eastern European Studies." Made for my baby, who is a masters student in said department. The …
Cassette | Theme - Narrative
This is gonna be a hard one to explain. Made for one of my closest friends for her birthday. The past year has been an, uh, interesting one for her and I and a few other friends as we've all had to dea …
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