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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative
Girl works part-time job. Guy starts working at same job. At first, Girl thinks Guy is annoying and possibly deranged. They end up debating on which band is better, and begin to spend time when custome …
CD | Theme - Depression
You know the story. There's that person you see who makes your heart race a little, who you constantly stare at, who you realize isn't perfect but you feel that they are... who you want to be with more …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
As a kid, I aspired to be many things, but for a short time when I was about nine or ten, I wanted to either work for the CIA or become a private investigator. I took to writing notes about my classmat …

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CD | Blues - Classic Blues
makes me wanna dance. And "Shining Star" is on here!

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