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CD | Mixed Genre
I'm in a weird transitional phase right now and I'm not sure how to feel. So I made a mix cd. (Seems reasonable, right?) Part reflection upon my state of affairs, part badass songs that make me happy.  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is a mix I made on a lovely rainy day in honor of finding my first Sleep All Day mix cd, which had been missing for quite some time. It was hastily made, and some of the transitions are terrible,  …
CD | Mixed Genre
The last time I saw my three-year-old sister Phia (whom I nicknamed "Herman" at birth), she kept singing a Hilary Duff song. I felt that it was a cry for help. So I made her a CD of better alternatives …

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Cassette | Single Artist
Definitely a favorite!
by jcrew
CD | Theme - Romantic

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