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CD | World
Listener Status 20 This is a cd inspired by the world we live in today, and was made in hopes to counteract some of the insane nationalism that I am seeing everyday. Bottom line, one world, one love. T …
CD | Electronic
Listener Status 19 This one is electro/acid/techno kinda 80's stuff. Things that go bleep in the night. Sounds best if listened to on a ghetto-blaster while doing a headspin.
CD | Theme - Romantic
This is the first "romantic" cd I have ever made. It is for Christine, my love. I wanted to see if I could make a romatic cd, without maxing out on the cheese and still keep it in my own musical tastes …
CD | Electronic
Listener Status 03 This one is all about shadows, strange faces and a stange, unidentifiable digital hum found throughout the city.
CD | Electronic - Ambient
Listener Status 11 This one is the first ambient cd i have made (though i have mafe tons of cassettes), and I wanted it to be mellow but a little unnerving. Again, a reflection of my urban surroundings …
CD | Mixed Genre
Listener Status 13 Hot times, summer in the city.... I made this one at the beginning of the summer, but I never burned it for anyone, and then revised it into two other cds, Tasty and Counter.Intuitiv …
CD | Mixed Genre
A little funky, a little jazzy, a little sexy... dig it! Listener Status 16
CD | Dance - House
Listener Status 04 I made this one for the DubSoundSytem/Mamboe Massive, more than a feeling...
CD | Electronic
Listener Status 10 This is my techno...
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