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CD | Mixed Genre
A classic. One of my favorites in the series. Opened up many doors for me, musically. An honest-to-god work of art.
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
really impressive mix.
by valis
CD | Pop
One of my favorite trade acquisitions of the past year. Incredible from start to finish, just a great, great mix.
CD | Mixed Genre
Awesome, awesome mix. I have to pick and choose my times that I get to play this, (not always a really popular pick at my house) but sounds awesome on the drive to work and back at extreme volume.
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, I've already raved about this a couple of times in the comments section of the mix, so I figured it deserved to be in with my other favorites. Great mix and one I find myself pulling out at least once every couple of weeks.
CD | Mixed Genre
I had a feeling that I would really dig this mix when I heard it and I was right. Extremely groovy stuff and lots of tracks that I've never heard, but have been wanting to hear. Just great picks and incredible flow from start to finish. A fucking classic.
CD | Mixed Genre
Incredible mix. The stretch from !!!->de la soul is truly awe-inspiring. Mixes like this make me strive to take my own stuff to this level. Fantastic.