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CD | Electronic - Ambient
just some things tossed together from my girlfriend's laptop. a lot of these are 96 kbps or less, but I ain't complaining. I called this stuff ambient because it's my idea of aural wallpaper, not becau …
CD | Mixed Genre
well, I'm failing because it's 3:39 AM. i need to refresh retool and organigoodness flying under lasirr's eye.
Cassette | Pop
before the burner, there was...the Aiwa boombox! back from when I listened mostly to Christian rock/rap. but some other uplifting stuff as well. whee! it was good to find this this afternoon, behind th …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
No, not the television show "The Heights," stupid! Rob's a fellow DJ who broadcasts one hour of underground/alt.hip-hop and one hour of indie rock, and he was good enough to lighten my load this week b …
CD | Mixed Genre
at some point i'll know enough to make an all-reggae/dub release.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
for Vincent, a collection of stuff I've ripped (not ripped off) from the KANM library. he likes the rock. he should like this. an oh-so short 65 minutes.
CD | Theme - Romantic
for my fabulous girlfriend. and the world at large.
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Reached my goal: 50 songs in one show.
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix for Mr. Jeremy Meece. he's got current post-punk down pretty cold, so i chose another route. interspersed are speech clips that I found interesting. i'll spiff it up with artwork and bring it to  …
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