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Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
The most recent of the live dj sets @ Valentine's (17 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY). This one was a lot differnt than others... 3 punk bands came on before us and this is the attempt to hold the crowds …
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
The 2nd installment of our dj night at Valentine's (17 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY). 2x as many folks, 2x as many problems with the mixer. Our sound guy was drunk when I showed up and instead of using …
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
This is the first installment of our bi-weekly DJ set at Valentine's (17 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY). It is billed as a post-punk and experimental industrial night, a chillout and listen to cool musi …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Romantic
I really don't have feelings one way or the other about Valentine's Day. It's another day that I don't get a paid holiday for (though working in a bar on V-day is always fun!) and my friends get all tw …
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression
Is it really considered cheating if i was the "other man" and she's now back to the original guy? oh well, there's probably a lesson in this....the title is a line from the pixies' "bone machine".
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another 2 cd set labeled as cassette. This is a comp for a friend who is into a lot of cool bands, but need to have her horizons broadened. I included a few songs that I over-use, but love that are a b …
CD | Alternative - Punk
another cd for another friday night....after the management fired my favorite co-worker, i decided to make a comp that would get the kids riled up and smashing stuff! -- cheers!
CD | Theme
i don't generally get addicted to video games, but grand theft auto 3 is like heroin cigarettes! this is one of the setlists i listen to while playing. i think the title is from a beastie boys song. i  …
CD | Mixed Genre
now that my cdrw is once again working i have been a music pirating fool!!
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