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Candra's Favorite Mixes

CD | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
How I love d'n'b. It's so much better than words can describe
Cassette | Theme - Depression
this mix is very clever and quite well done.
CD | Mixed Genre
Play this one in WinAmp using the G-Force plugin. Trust me on this. Also nice for a dusk drive along the waterfront (if I had a car).
CD | Single Artist
These need no comment. :-)
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I can't stop listening to this.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I don't know where Hank disappeared to, but he's one of the best mixers on this site. This mix is tight.
Cassette | Single Artist
A great Richard D. James mix. Very comprehensive
Cassette | Experimental
Gene makes wonderful experimental mixes. These are probably the hardest mixes to make appealing because the music is so unorthodox. Get your headphones out and listen to this mix.
CD | Mixed Genre
Got this mix as a surprise. I guess it helps to leave comments :-) Anyway, it's just a perfect downtempo collection.
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
when shayne started posting these setlists, i started to drool. these are quite good. what radio should be :-)
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Lest you think I'm only about Jere's single artist mixes, here's a gothic masterpiece. I'm a bit of a closet goth, so this mix is just perfect. It's got a great j-card, too. ***Oh, and check out Jere's rock writing, too, particularly his pieces on napster and on Kurt Cobain.
CD | Mixed Genre
My favorite of a great downtempo series. I made a cassette copy so I could listen to it at work without the crappy CD player there scratching it up. Lovely.
Cassette | Single Artist
Excellent, excellent, excellent Radiohead mix.
CD | Electronic
This mix is primarily drum'n'bass mixed with quotes related to Pearl Harbor. It's sonic perfection. I'm thinking I wish I had a projector to hook up through my computer and run cool WinAmp plugins that make graphics to this mix on repeat play and project it on my wall. I don't think I'd ever leave my house.
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
One day, turntablism may really be appreciated as the art it is. When that day comes, they'll teach it in colleges. This mix could be a textbook. Excellent.
by DJ A
CD | Electronic - Industrial
A would-be soundtrack. Now someone has to write the screenplay. I can already see the movie in my head when listening.