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I used this site for many years and am in the process of putting zipped files up, rather than send actual CDs, However, I still like the physical media, so ask if you want to trade!

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CD | Jazz
Beneath the Underdog: His World as Composed by Mingus is a great book. I am listening to Ray Smiths radio broadcast and trying to find more about jazz from the 20's and 30's. Would love to trade with j …
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it is. it's addicting.
CD | Theme
Hop High My Lula Girl belongs to the Roustabout family of songs and starts off with yet another 'Where'd you get your dress' verse. Coil counts up to four over and over, as does Feist. Made this for dm …

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Give this man credit. Not only does he have an impressive web site where you can catch his radio show, this mix rocks. The artwork is gorgeous to boot.
CD | Theme
I am hoarding this and mason's "neverending night" the way people that lived through wars hoard tinfoil. Sweet glinting lights like stars.
by Pope1
CD | Theme
trade for the graphic alone.

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