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CD | Mixed Genre
For Rissa and her truck. This mix owes more to other people than usual... Props to Said The Gramophone for introducing me to the excellent Wave Pictures & Festival songs, thanks to Patrick for telling  …
CD | Theme
A complicated mix CD for a complicated person and a complicated relationship. One part love letter, one part reassuring hug, one part breakup mix, and a dash of wink wink nudge nudge.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A tape made in an evening for my friend Rissa. We lived together for a couple years and just parted and this was meant to be a small valentine to let her know I miss her and love her. Featuring mostly  …

Summer Anne Burton's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
so awesome.
CD | Theme - Sleep
just so lovely.
CD | Mixed Genre
a bunch of my favorites that i wouldn't have imagined together on anyone's mix but my own.

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