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CD | Mixed Genre
The second disc for Emily (the first being "Do You Have a Raisin? No, how about a date?") w00t!
CD | Mixed Genre
I made this CD for my "wife" (very close friend who is also female LOL), Emily. I know I repeat a lot of songs from other mixes but...they're really good songs, man!
CD | Mixed Genre
I just made this cd to help my friends family pack up their shiz and move to their new house, and us girlies need somefin to dance to. Get Low is probably the only track on this CD they'll like and wel …

regularjo's Last Three Favorite Mixes

MP3 Playlist | Pop
Sweet mix that has some of my favourite memories in it. Good job!
Cassette | Pop
Good punk mix
CD | Mixed Genre
Really good mix that offers variety.

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