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CD | Dance - House
A bizarre experiment, intended to be both a) an electronic record for those who hate such things, and b) a Tron-goes-adult computer-booty thing. I'm really not sure how close I got.
CD | Pop
Confused about the concept? Search for the other 16. Thanks to WOXY-FM (97.7, Oxford, OH, www.woxy.com), Napster, which still works as long as you're not searching for Shaggy, and a job that lets me do …
CD | Pop
More of a Top 40 bent for this one. Sorry about that.
CD | Pop
Hey, the Mix of the Week-winning series returns! If anyone has a similar aesthetic and would enjoy a trade, let me know.
CD | Mixed Genre
a monstrosity such as this could only be me scrolling aimlessly through my list of mp3s. regrettable and spiteful, but keeps me awake at work.
CD | Pop
the new pop, you ask? yeah, I know there's some repetition. it was for a trade, okay?
CD | Mixed Genre
Inspired by my friend Tiff, erstwhile mall record-store clerk and pint-sized impresario.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
kinda fun. get the concept?
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