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n5MD is hands-down my fave label out there. They were one of (but not only) the last MiniDisc purists until Sony decided pre-recorded MDs weren't relevant (little did they realize). Seems a bit ironic  …
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My second playlist of excellent free Netlabel MP3s. Delicious and delicate Glitchtronics from realaudio.ch, igloomag.com, acediamusic.org, monotonik.com, sutemos.net and enoughrecords.com. The Aisth tr …
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I did manage to make a few more CDs for my friend Chris, this one was the most memorable. I had a Caffeine headache that day and wondered what would cure a Lo-Carb headache.....Tater-Tots??

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Genius. Need I say more?
by 2much
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