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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
A compilation of Rush covers. I went through all the cover tracks at (all Rush fans should go there immediately) and picked my sixteen favorites. I opted against usi …
CD | Single Artist
Disc three of the three-disc set (see disc 1 for cover art and check out disc two as well). This covers from "Signals" through "Roll the Bones" and stops there. Yeah, there are a few good tracks after  …
CD | Single Artist
Disc two of a three-disc collection. This one covers from "Hemispheres" through "Moving Pictures." It was heart-breaking to remove the "Hemispheres" suite from the mix, but it just didn't work. There's …

ron2112's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Single Artist
I love this mix! It paints a clear portrait. It's a vital yet still sensitive Elvis that I'm hearing in this mix - able to cut it loose one moment and be sincere and heartfelt the next. I enjoy the ton …

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