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Just you typical loofah sponge killin' anthro meerkat from Cape Breton. That's all.

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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Erf, forgot to post this back in April of last year... this is a followup to the first mix that was posted a while back. Again, listen closely... decipher the clues... and once you figure it out, you'l …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Here's the remastered edition of a little mixtape collection of songs that i posted on my LiveJournal a year ago. It's just a small sampling of the songs that i've liked over the years... and Volume Tw …
CD | Mixed Genre
yup, it's me again, after a long hiatus with a new mix! As always, it's a steaming blend of the songs i've liked over the past few months, a few oldies, some guilty pleasures and other oddities i've fo …

Aladasian The Meerkat's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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