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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
I haven't posted or mad a mix in what seems forever and a day so here is a mix that I made yesterday, the songs just fit the mood I was in.. it's a little heavy on ALK3 and Counting Crows, but oh well  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This is made for the lead singer of a local band that I am into I haven't had a chance to give it to him yet the title comes from when I was the only one to get to a show because of a hail storm a few  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This a mix for a little cookout I am having with my friends... The title comes from The Brand new song... and IT rocks They rock and I am just so happy with my grrr.. music lately!!!!

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CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
Yeah.... MMMMM
CD | Theme - Romantic
It just sounds like me!!!

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