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Sot4: Some time ago, after about 5 months of collaboration, 4 mixers presented 4 mixes. The project, and the results, were a lot of fun. Over the past three years, I have given copies away to friends.. …
CD | Mixed Genre
Volume.4 (of 4); the final installment.Ever work on something for which the project itself was, in fact, the "pay-off"?? This was one of those kinds of things! ARCHIVE: 1... | 2... | 3... "I always adm …
CD | Mixed Genre
"To think is first of all to create a world (or to limit one's own world, which comes to the same thing)." ~Albert Camus (1913-1960), The Myth of Sisyphus Sound Engineering/Aural Grafting: Jaheim & Ar …

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