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Well, it has been about 8 years since I started posting at AotM and I've surpassed the 600th mix mark.

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CD | Theme - Romantic
52m38s long. One of the mixes I made for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary.
CD | Mixed Genre
53m33s long. This is one of a few CDs I created as background music for my parents 50th wedding anniversary in the summer of 2002. I got a lot of satisfaction from doing it so I've been actively mixing …
CD | Theme
31 Jimmy Soul - If You Want to Be Happy. I was wanting to make a CD of sad love songs and while sorting songs into different year groups I realized that 1960-63 was just the period I was looking for. S …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This mix was for my friend 'Chick' built around his favorite tune of "Young Love" by Sonny James.
CD | Mixed Genre
31 The Beach Boys, 8/63 #7 - Surfer Girl....... 32 Ray Charles, 9/63 #4 - Busted............ 33 Dale & Grace, 10/63 #1 - I'm Leaving it Up to You. These were leftovers from mixes I did for the late '50 …
CD | Pop
31 The Marvelettes - Beechwood 4-5789;................... 32 The Jaynetts - Sally Go 'Round the 33 Frank Ifield - I Remember You.......For anybody who is planning to swap a mix for this one; I've decid …
CD | Pop
31 Elvis Presley - Such a Night (Do you know which two songs weren't in the years 1964-1966?)
Mini-Disc | Pop
First 31 32 33