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CD | Mixed Genre
11th annual compilation of stuff to share from the past year. Never heard of The Funk Brothers? Neither had I, but we've all heard their music many times. Go rent the excellent documentary "Standing in …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
10th annual what-I-discovered-this-year mix, a year late. (My daughter was born, and I never got around to completing this mix until now.) Aforementioned daughter's name is Cassia, which means cinnamon …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
9th annual here's-what-I-found-this-year mix. There's also a CD version that's shorter; the "bonus tracks" on the cassette are the last 2 songs on side one and the last 4 songs on side two.
Cassette | Theme
Pulled this one together on short notice for a lunar eclipse party that we hatched at the last minute. Eclipse was 11-8-03. We drank Tang, Blue Moon beer, Moonglow beer, Luna di Luna wine; ate moonpies …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
My annual year-end mix of new disciveries from the year, along with a few old favorites. Yeah, I got married this year; the Mike Mermin and Moxy Fruvous tracks were performed at our wedding. The CD ver …
Cassette | Theme
Another older one from the vaults. I made this one for the woman I was about to part from for 6 months (and for myself) when I went off to England to discover... something or other. Yes, the ZZ Top cut …
Cassette | Theme
Love! Life! Loving life! Loving love! You get the idea. Title from "Everybody's Everything." This is an old mix from a time when I was young and head over heels in love. Can ya tell?
Cassette | Theme
I used to live in Minnesota, where it doesn't rain for 4 or 5 months straight (it snows). When the spring comes and it rains again, it's like this huge revelation -- rain exists! It's beautiful. A spri …
Cassette | Blues - Classic Blues
Not many surprises here (thus the Funk 101 label), but that's kind of the point; it's an introduction to 70s funk, made for a friend who claimed not to know anything about funk. The cuts are in rough c …
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