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CD | Theme - Narrative
District has decided to leave his home to search for true love. He finds it in the end, just not how, when or with whom he was expecting.
CD | Mixed Genre
6/17/2003 find that I did not exist. The earth cried away it's sorrows while I began to look for myself in the gutters and drains of the innundated streets. "The answers are not here," they all said. "Not  …
MP3 Playlist | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
Screw it all, laugh your ass off and free your mind!
CD | Theme - Sleep
This is my mellow mix. Starting off a little upbeat and bringing it right down. My highlights are Hayden's Dynamite Walls and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Sweet Dreams....
CD | Mixed Genre
Is it so wrong for a guy to like Riot Grrrl music? Is it!?!? Regardless, I think Kathleen Hanna is a goddess (Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin). A big thumbs up to all the women in this list for getti …
CD | Theme - Break Up
This is my wallow-in-self-pity-post-breakup mix. Boy did it ever help!