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CD | Dance - House
just a fun little mix, back and forth between bands, back and forth between emotions, who's gonna win, well it doesn't matter who wins of loses as long as you had fun playing the game
CD | Mixed Genre
yeah, this is blowin' your mind, it a little list of fond memories that i cycle through in my head of when i was growing up, i apologize if this challenges your idea of a "MIX-TAPE", but in a way, it i …
CD | Mixed Genre
Oh dear God, i mean Santa Claus, i ask for a simple CD this christmas, this wish list of these bands doing these songs, oh glorious day. Some-what well known bands doing well known songs. grant me this …
CD | Theme
yeah, take a week off from work, tell 'em you gotta go because an aunt died or something and she lived far away, and she was the good aunt that baked you cookies and wiped your ass, anyway, that'll get …
CD | Theme - Romantic
a short mix for a short life. the music and their titles tell a story of a forlorn warrior, a boy who could play the guitar just like ringing a bell, he played it left hand, but made it too far, playin …
CD | Theme
i wish this song was longer.