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Cassette | Experimental
Just a mix for my roommates and me to listen to in the long hot summertime of Oakland. Inspired by my roommate's decision to consume an entire sludy pot of THC addled water. I tried to be comprehensive …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A mix prepared for a fellow coffee-drinker who shall remain nameless, as per request. The format is half digital and half analog (try to guess which). While it has some pretty "played" artists, I tried …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Yeah, I realize I cribbed the title from another Gram Parsons tune, but set that notion aside for a second, because the international submarine band is basically the same as the flying burrito brothers …

Phil Romagni's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme
fuckin' A.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
you don't even know.

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