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Cassette | Theme - Depression
I did this mix as an uplifting device for a friend that felt down.It is meant to be a cycle of songs that flow (meditatively)from uplifting to slightly "down"(like life),and ends with a hopeful set of  …
Cassette | Pop
An older mix again....a sort of flow of influence mix. Side A has a "raga" that seemed to be influencial on Capt.Beefheart,and my mind just flowed to the Silver apples ,and beyond! I felt it was strang …
Cassette | Pop
I made this a long while ago for a friend that wanted to explore some "out-there" music. A sort of guide to some wacked-out experimental rock.Heavily "Kraut Rock" oriented,but that was what I was into  …

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Cassette | Theme
Great list ,thanks for using a cut from my CD with Cotton Casino!
CD | Mixed Genre
Again thanks! Great mix in general.
CD | Mixed Genre
Wow! I am honored to be in such great musical company! Thanks!

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